Tips to develop concentration

Of what tasks can be safely entrust to others. exercises and Read When we think about something we concentrate the image in mory.In daily activities it is important to be able to formulate thoughts as clearly as possible. An effective exercise will help in this which consists in reading an arbitrary short text and further retelling this fragment. Read for example a short newspaper article and try to retell its essence in a few words. Reading books Reading books.

Then take a book and

Start reading it for minutes. After that stop and transfer to Chinese Europe Phone Number List paper the fragment that you read. Probably at first many details will not be fix in mory. After several trainings you will be able to retell the read text in detail. With increasing concentration the retelling will become more and more detail. In case of lack of time you can read only a short sentence and try to rewrite it verbatim. Repeat the exercise gradually increasing the number of sentences.

Sit still in a chair Find

A comfortable enough chair and sit in it. Relax as ASB Directory much as possible. At first this will be difficult for you. Staying focus is essential to sitting quietly. Try not to move spontaneously. After some time of this practice you will discover the skill of not moving any muscles for about minutes. Find out which IT professions are in the TOP with an income of month The GeekBrains team together with international career development specialists have prepar materials.


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