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The article says Why concentration is important Concentration Take the test and find out which field suits you IT design or marketing. Free from Geekbrains Why concentration is important The property of shortterm mory to retain information about certain objects is call concentration of attention. If a person has this function impair he is consider absentmind. This ability plays a big role in the performance of a number of tasks especially in a new.

Field of activity for a person

Absentmindness caus by disturb concentration is Chinese Singapore Phone Number List determin by the following features difficulties in rbering information a person is distract and is not able to fully perceive the incoming information difficulty in retaining attention when reading a person immiately forgets the meaning of what he read difficulty in performing familiar functions for example forgetting the number of spoons of sugar just put in tea inability to concentrate outside.

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For this for example with an abundance of ASB Directory extraneous sounds inability to finish the job for example a person does not do the dishes being distract by a phone call and subsequently forgetting about his work. Good concentration is characteriz by the ability to perform tasks quickly with the manifestation of a creative approach and an increase in overall labor productivity better work with a minimum of errors high stress resistance and a clear understanding.


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