Create Value for Your Customers

Your SMS messages will be far more successful if they create value for your customers. If a customer receives an SMS message that has no value for him or her, he or she will be quick to opt-out of your contact list. Avoid wasting your customer’s time.

There is no point in using your bulk SMS software to senselessly spam customers with messages related to contests, giveaways and deals, and also messages with call-to-action statements if they are not relevant for the recipient. Think about how you can make your campaign less intrusive and give more control to the customer.

A great way to facilitate this is by using SMS keywords to send messages like “Send OFFERS to 1234X to receive coupon codes for your nearest shopping stores”. Here you are allowing the customer to decide whether he or she wants to opt in to receiving messages from you or not. You now know that this customer is interested in your product or service and does not mind receiving messages from you. You also build on to your customer opt-in list and do not spoil the reputation of your company by sending unsolicited messages. Your SMS must always provide genuine value to the customer.

Create Personalized Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns

To truly capture your customer’s attention, you must attempt to personalize messages to your customers as much as possible. A text that addresses a client by name appears far more attractive than one that addresses the Bulk SMS Iran customer as a “customer” or “client.” Traditionally, messages were a means to communicate with friends, families, and colleagues. Using a client’s name and personalizing your message as much as possible, retains that essence to an extent, almost seeming like the message is from a friend or a known acquaintance. Segment your customers carefully based on demographic data and purchase history. Create personalized, targeted messages for each group to ensure maximum conversion.

Most free mass text messaging services come with a mail merge feature that allows you to insert names and customer-specific details in your messages. It will also help if the sender’s name appears as the name of your company rather than a random number.

Stick to The Point

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An SMS message is limited to just 160 characters. This character limitation means that you must keep your message as short, crisp, and concise as possible while conveying what you want to say clearly. You must stick to the point but also avoid being to direct at the ASB Directory same time.To facilitate a quick conversion, you must convey your point quickly. Do not overdo it with capital letters, emoticons, and abbreviations. The message must be easy to read and understandable. It’s best to employ a pleasant, conversational tone in your message.

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