Use Call to Action Statements

Think about this. A client is in his office. It’s close to lunchtime, and he receives a message from his favorite restaurant announcing a new lunch box in its menu and a discount code that waives off delivery charges, along with a link that lets the client place the order quickly. Timing enhances the impact of your message. If a client receives a message at the perfect time, he or she will not see it as spam. Avoid sending a message too Action Statements early or too late in the day. Think about whether your message will most likely result in conversion on a weekday or during the weekend. There is no point in sending a client a message about a hot new club opening in town on a Monday morning.

Also, pay attention to the frequency of your messages. Send messages too often, and you risk irritating your customers, leading them to opt-out of your contact list. On the other hand, if you send messages too sparingly, the client may not recall your brand quickly and may forget why he or she opted to receive notifications from you in the first place.

How often is too often

There is no right or wrong answer in this case. It all depends on trial and error. Take factors such as the nature of your product and service. Your target audience, and the purpose of your bulk SMS marketing campaign into consideration. When you decide on the timing and frequency of your messages. Pay close attention to the campaign performance metrics available with your bulk SMS software to Bulk SMS Australia to understand what is working and what is not. Most free and open-source bulk SMS marketing software comes with scheduling capabilities that automatically send messages based on predefined timings and frequencies.

Send an SMS message

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with a clear goal in mind. Think about what action you are expecting your client to take after he or she reads your message. Open-ended statements may leave things unclear and create unambiguity. Statements develop a sense of urgency and prompt the client to act. Offers, vouchers, and coupon codes that are valid for a limited period are more likely to spur the customer into action.

At the same time, you must also include any telephone numbers or links in the message itself to make things convenient for the recipient of your message. If the essential connections and contact information are available in the ASB Directory word itself, the client will be more likely to act quickly. Ensure that the links are device friendly. Use or to shorten your URLs. Mainstream bulk SMS software solutions will help you out with all of this.

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