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Extremist organization is a product of an extremist organization in Russia Author Vadim Velnikov Tags   targetadvertising Did you like this material Share it with your friends on social networks!   a product of  is consider an extremist group in Russia  group in Russia Hashtag  Did you like this material Advertise your company in and receive Scrap Metal Case Traffic Yandex January  How to attract new customers from a newly creat website and get conversions at the desir price We’re reading a case from an agency that advertis a company that receiv scrap metal in and across China. To use. and advertise a company that receives and exports.

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Scrap metal Image   processing and exporting Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists all kinds of scrap metal. Period September -October Method of promotion Contextual advertising in . and Budget  . rubles Number of conversions Average cost per conversion . $ Promotion area Moscow and Moscow region Purpose Promote and attract new customers from the website website The company website The company is engag in the procurement processing and export of all kinds of metal scrap. The company accepts ferrous roll structures and non-ferrous products. For this purpose a spacious site is equipp to receive tons of waste per day.

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The company focuses on individuals and ASB Directory businesses locat in Moscow or the Moscow region. Customers can independently deliver. Scrap to the company’s production site. Or order the demolition of metal structures to be remov by the company’s own vehicles. Get more cases in different fields for free on the page. The range of services of the company is notable for its wide range – Receipt and export of multiple batches of ferrous scrap. The company has its own spacious grounds and can harvest up to tons of product per day. – Non-ferrous metals.

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