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Comments studying trends and audience interests.  natural as possible and not arouse suspicion from moderators and algorithms.  your business and focus on them in your account. Depending on the chosen topic create – boards with – pins each. Then start promoting your account and warming up your followers. As for publicizing one’s own business and releasing product information that’s out of the question for the time being! During preparation follow the rule of  post no more than – per day write no more than – comments and follow no more than users per day. In general it is not customary to follow many profiles on.

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If you don’t follow the rules your account will Chief VP Operations Email Lists be flagg as a spammer. Perhaps they will even be bann which would negate all efforts and prospects. How many images to post per day When posting pins keep in mind that the best image quality starts with a resolution of  pixels. Images should stretch vertically since most viewers use mobile versions of social networks. By the way don’t forget to install the app on your phone to always be connect and in control of the situation on your account. Once your profile has earn the trust of your followers and is a solid foundation for further work it’s time to expand your presence on social networks.

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In addition to the individual boards of ASB Directory thealso so-call group boards on the website. These are large them communities where people come for inspiration fresh ideas and new series pins. The content here is curat by multiple moderators and the audience reaches hundrs of thousands or even millions of followers. The presence of pins pointing to your website on popular group boards will be the basis for driving a lot of traffic to the official page. Board Viewer Your task is to find and select some boards relat to your product. Subscribe to the community actively save.

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