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Are accept at high prices.  varying quantities. The enterprise independently purchases processes and exports scrap steel. For this large storage areas necessary equipment and qualifi personnel are provid. — Accepts virtually any quantity of us batteries of all types and capacities including wholesale bulk. If necessary the company’s specialists go to the customer’s factory and deliver the goods in their own vehicles to the enterprise’s warehouse. — Dismantling and cutting of metal structures.

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The company has the necessary equipment Chief VP Sales Marketing Officers Email Lists tools and mechanisms that may be requir during the demolition process. tandards. Company vehicle personnel can then transport  bought back at market rates. – Acceptance of waste cables. The company has all the necessary licenses and operates legally. — Receiving electronic scrap and circuit boards at a high price. — Use of motor vehicles and special equipment. Car recycling is legal. To do this all necessary actions ne to be perform including deregistration with the traffic police and deregistration from the organization’s balance sheet.

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A promotional entry company applies ASB Directory to our agency to create a new website with a modern design and format to attract search engine clients. Once the website was creat and populat we propos using contextual ads to advertise that the company accepts scrap metal. The offer was accept by the client considering the previous successful cooperation but on a different project. The only condition of the customer is the price per conversion – not more than rubles. More than examples and a selection of master classes. Choose your gift. Choose to set up an advertising campaign in . Bas on the services offer we have identifi the main.

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