Whatsapp Stats Marketers Should Know in 2022

Whatsapp is a popular instant messaging platform that has come a long . Way since it was launched in 2009 by two former yahoo! Employee. Fast forward thirteen years and whatsapp is owned by meta. which operates the platform as part of the family of apps. which also includes facebook, instagram, and facebook messenger. Whatsapp allows users to send and receive a variety of messages. including text, images, videos, documents, locations and other content. for example, links. With the mobile network, whatsapp gives its users the ability to make and receive calls through voice or video channels. And that’s not all. The platform also boasts whatsapp business.

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Whether you use WhatsApp for business or pleasure, marketers will find great value in understanding the WhatsApp statistics that matter most in 2022. Read on! WhatsApp user statistics 1. 2 billion people use WhatsApp every month This is Brazil Phone Number List probably the most important of all WhatsApp statistics. Almost a third of the world’s population uses WhatsApp to send messages, photos, videos and make phone calls! Since February 2016, WhatsApp has increased its monthly active users from 1 billion to 2 billion. 2. 45.8% of WhatsApp users say they are women A little less than men,

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The number of people using messaging apps is expected to grow to .Over 3.5 billion by 2025 this is an increase of 40 billion people compared to 2021. This forecast spells good news for whatsapp, which already . Has a large share of the messaging Cambodia WhatsApp Number List market and can only expect an increase in the . Number of users. His employer. 5. Whatsapp was downloaded over 4.5 million times in .America during q4 2021 this is almost double the rate of downloads in india, russia and brazil. 6. And whatsapp is the 7th most popular downloader in america in 2021 more than 47 .Million people downloaded whatsapp in the united states in 2021. Which is a 5% increase compared to 2020. Tiktok topped the list of most popular downloads with 94 million downloads.

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