How to Manage Comments on Instagram (Delete, Pin, and More!)

Since Instagram first entered the social media scene in 2010, the application has undergone many changes: from single square photos to the introduction of Stories and Reels to Secret and not-so-secret crisis of 2019. But through it all, the comments were mostly the same — for more than a decade, they stood faithfully (and publicly) under each post. So we had a lot of time to master the ability to manage Instagram comments. Here’s how to do it. What are Instagram comments? Comments on Instagram are responses that users can leave on a photo, video or Reel. Unlike direct messages (which go to a user’s inbox and can only be viewed by them), Instagram comments are public — so keep that in mind when you leave one.

Commenting Shows Potential Followers That You’re Legit

To post a comment, click on the speech bubble icon that you can find at the bottom left of the photo or video, and the bottom right of the Reel. Why are Instagram comments important? We would like to comment on this. Comments are more than simple answers: they are an important part of your brand’s credibility and can influence how users Mexico Phone Number List perceive your message. Feedback builds community Comments are the only way your followers can interact with you in a public way on Instagram, which can encourage more engagement overall. It’s like the difference between posting a letter and posting on a bulletin board: the community will see the bulletin board, and that’s why they’ll post too.

How to Delete Comments on Instagram

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In this article from  everything you need to know). In short, the algorithm determines which articles make it to the top of a user’s news feed, which articles are featured in the Explore tab and the order in which they will appear on this social media platform. Articles, Stories, Live Videos and Reels. Comments are one of the many factors that make Cambodia WhatsApp Number List your posts more visible. More comments mean more eyes on your brand, more eyes lead to more followers, etc. Feedback is a great customer service tool This parable comes again. Asking questions is an excellent tool for customer support: you respond to comments, and other users can see your answers. That way, you won’t get multiple questions asking the same thing (but you might get a few, because you know, people).

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