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What to Do With Your New Mobile Version of the Site

Distilled consultant, mobile specialist, talks about the latest trends, recent case studies. and advice on developing long-term mobile search strategies. From year to year, the number of mobile users around the world is growing exponentially. Large brands and local companies are well aware of what mobile versions of sites are for. And development engineers are ready to endlessly discuss the technical details of creating such resources. A detailed guide to developing a quality the mobile website can be found at distilled. The presence of a mobile version of the site today is an absolute requirement, which is confirmed by statistics.

Numerous studies show:

Users refuse to recommend a company to friends if it does not have a decent mobile version of the site. 40% of users go to competitors’ websites cases where the mobile version of the company’s resource does not meet their requirements. After that,  98% of unt sites with less than 5,000 visitors per month. Because the traffic of these sites.  Is likely to Kuwait Mobile Number Database vary greatly even without . Viruses or algorithm modern internet users switch from device to device during the day. It is also important to remember that 77% of mobile searches are performed by users while at home – that is. In close proximity to a personal computer. 90% of these users in the process of . Performing one task several times switch from the screen of a mobile device to a pc screen.

Creating a resource optimized for

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smartphones and tablets is just the beginning Estonia Phone Number List of a long journey.out as a separate and important area of optimization activities. After that,  a strategy. it is necessary to have an idea of the trends that most strongly influence the. further development of the industry. By 2017, a 3G Internet connection will be available to 85% of the world’s population – that is, very soon every person. on the planet will have the opportunity to access the Internet. It was with this goal in 2013 that Mark Zuckerberg launched the Internet.org project.


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