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The hand only with a movent of the neck and fixate on the hand with your eyes for a minute. Do the same with the left hand. As soon as you achieve complete immobility of the hands increase the duration of the exercise to minutes for each hand. In this case the palm should be plac down. The hand will be consider stationary when you see the fingertips. Minimize the number of concurrent tasks Multitasking creates a feeling of increas productivity.

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The concentration of attention and makes us on Chinese Singapore Phone Number List the contrary less productive. A person in such conditions quickly burns out. Try to mitate Mitation together with mindfulness practices can improve a persons wellbeing increase his efficiency and concentration. When you mitate you relax your mind. At the same time you concentrate on breathing and are not distract by thoughts. Thanks to this practice it is possible to increase the level of concentration already.

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In not the most suitable conditions. Mitation ASB Directory Mitation Concentrate on the sense of smell Passing by the flower club pay attention to the smells of flowers. Try to distinguish how each particular plant smells. Of all the scents focus on one scent. After a while your sense of smell will become more acute. Because of this your brain will instinctively focus on smells discarding all other thoughts and even highlighting only specific smells. This technique effectively develops mindfulness.


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