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While this proportion remains stable, we note that the frequency of purchases has increased by 27 points since 2013. The ground is therefore favourable. The Internet is a powerful lever for growth. The best way to sell on the Internet is to do it on your site. There is no middleman. It is doubly profitable in terms of cost and customer relationship.On the other hand, you have to surround yourself with professionals to create the site and the commercial platform. It can’t be improvised, your brand image depends on it.

Appeals To Consumers They Are Also

The user experience must be optimized with a clear design, an intuitive path and a mobile version (or a responsive design). Similarly, it must be database secure in HTTPS to gain the trust of customers. 5. You federate a community of amateurs around your wines The circle of loyal customers that we built up in the traditional way must now evolve. Social media lends itself perfectly to this. They will make the link between your website and your customers. Relay the news of your site, interact with your customers, respond to their requests, suggestions and opinions, etc.


A Real One Around Your Products

Social networks are a real Swiss army knife, sometimes after-sales service, sometimes a communication tool. Use it! In addition, they are ASB Directory also decisive for your e-commerce. They increasingly influence the purchasing decision , even in this area. The influence of social networks on French wine consumers Use them to generate interest, give advice or offer promotional offers. In return, you will get commitment from your community.

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