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So contact us here:So to your CV and cover letter!The extent of the Internet and social networks is affecting many sectors, including the wine sector. Professionals in the sector, whether they are winegrowers, winegrowers, wine merchants or merchants, have everything to gain by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Web. At each stage of the customer journey, French consumers today have the “Internet reflex”. From the search for information to the purchase, practices have evolved a great deal.

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It is up to you, professionals, to adapt to these new uses as well as to the needs and expectations of the consumer. Meet the information needs of wine lovers The French are more and more interested in the world of wine. 30% of them phone number list even say they are very interested. They are also aware that this area requires a minimum of knowledge to be able to appreciate the wine at its fair value. Also, the purchase of a wine is very often preceded by an information research phase. If they first seek advice from those around them and from wine professionals before buying, the Internet comes in 3 rd position among the sources of information consulted.

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It is even a very influential source of information on the purchase decision. In restaurants, for example, 7% of French people inquire ASB Directory about. A wine via their mobile before making their choice. This figure rises to 14% among 26-34 year olds. Attract and engage wine consumers The omnipresence of social. Networks is such that they play a key role in the buying journey of wine consumers. 20% of wine consumers subscribe to wine and spirits pages on social media.

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