Corporate Transformation to Stay in Orbit

Institutionalization is “the ability of institutions, organizations and businesses to carry out and develop their activities in a healthy way without being dependent on the company owner, senior manager or a manager.” In this context, a culture of institutionalization should be created within the company by placing the management in a systematic manner and managing all employees in line with these rules. However, all parts of the created systematic must function completely and flawlessly. This does not mean that people will not be involved in important points of the institution, but it means that everything can continue where it left off by minimizing any disruptions by not being dependent on the person’s presence. It is not right to base institutionalization in companies on a single, fixed criteria.

Because institutionalization

Will vary depending on the sector, structure, size, characteristics and culture of the company. These differences, in a sense, make it necessary to Fax Lists analyze, design and implement the processes. For example, if we talk about purchasing processes, the purchasing processes of a textile business and a food business cannot be expected to be exactly the same. Likewise, in Human Resources processes.¬†Therefore,¬† the same competencies for the same positions vary between companies and sectors. In this case, the interest, knowledge and opinions of the top management are also important. Simply put, the ” Management Report Set ” that needs to be created can be customized in the light of this information. Visible Reflections of Corporate.

Transformation Production and use of information

Benefiting from information in decisions. Formation of management information system competence and awareness. Increasing efficiency and quality in all end-to-end processes of the institution. Making companies with structural breakdowns easier to ASB Directory manage and paving the way for growth. Strengthening sustainability and stability in applications, increasing the performance. Therefore, of our institutions by making them attractive for qualified human resources. Increasing maturity in reporting and transparency processes, increasing national. Competitiveness in the world, increasing sustainability by strengthening corporate memory. By putting the cost accounting system into operation.

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