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The shades of the set came out one by one from the hands of the craftswoman one of the videos unexpectly gain million views How to Promote Handmade creat sets and she plans to sell a little more than half of them. On release day I brought a watercolor palette to the store. Hours later they got a call from the pro store to pick it up because the stock set was sold out. As a result it is no longer a limit collection but a full-scale production. In total it took about set of the author’s watercolor painting “Black Russia”.e is no way to track a customer’s path from first exposure to an ad to purchase. Sell ​​on social mia. Two strategies.

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The first strategy  projects goods services Canada WhatsApp Number List information business We attract target audiences We form communities We heat traffic We sell easily to hot traffic Multiple cases and select masterclasses. Choose your gift. Choosing the second strategy is not suitable for all projects. The most important thing is that we are trying to sell something simple or free immiately to warm up traffic quickly. Case in point a free selling webinar marathon course in the information business. Within hours or days we quickly go through all stages of warming up with the audience inspiring confidence and people buying. Another example is free courses. For examplewe have an English language school or a vocal or guitar school.

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Instead of attracting people into the community ASB Directory and warming them up with content we provide an easy entry point right away Free English or vocal lessons.  a free course right now is much smaller than the audience ready to subscribe to a community and ramp up but if your project is in a settlement of at least  people it is quite possible to recruit customers this way. This strategy is preferable when we don’t want to waste time and budget warming up the audience and want a more transparent analysis. With the help of such a strategy it is much easier to calculate the current return on advertising investment for which you ne to.

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