It is necessary for successful website design, but the process of building a website is not only about writing code. Rather, there the difference between are other necessary points that. Must be covered in the website development life cycle. After explaining the software used in the field of website design. Let us explain to you the stages of development. Read also: the difference between web applications and web . In addition, Services website development stages websites are designed and developed. In stages that can be summarized in seven stages. Data collection the first stage is the information gathering stage in which the market is read.

A site map represents the hierarchy of a site

This stage may take about one to two weeks. At this stage, research and studies of possibilities must be carried out executable ones that will be popular and achieve the basic purpose of the site, whether it is a shopping site, a company site, a personal site design , or whether a site displays a specific content Chile WhatsApp Number List and idea. You must also determine whether the target audience prefers the site to be formal in style, comical, or whatever the general atmosphere is. All of these elements must be defined to implement the following stages Planning The planning stage is where the site map is determined according to the information obtained in the previous stage. A site map represents the hierarchy of a site, usually found as headings in the top bar of site pages.

The function of the site map

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Each element in this bar leads to a group of other Egypt Telegram Number elements site map, which consists of the home page.  Added people or connections, jobs, chats, notifications and profile. These elements represent the basic or reference  points of the site. And other points branch out from them. The function of the site map is to show these points, their sequence, and their relationship to each other. This stage takes two to six weeks.