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The first is the engagement phase

Automat webinar strategy can be much more profitable than automat today and tomorrow automat webinars every day. tripwire sold separately. Few experts can immiately sell an expensive product to an apathetic audience in their first webinar. Second for daily automat webinars there are days that are not the most active Friday Saturday Sunday Monday and are less accessible. Thirdly in contrast to the standard hours deadlines until Wnesday until Friday are more convenient since they can also be on weekends without even reading the document. Letter regarding these deadlines. This option work for me.

Those who sign up on Wnesday

I suggest you test this idea too maybe it will pay Bulk SMS Hong Kong you back better.  on the setup step by step of me doing everything and a review of the work. Below is the stage checklist so you can quickly repeat everything after watching the video. Preparing messages for an automat funnel In this strategy we have a weekly audience engagement during which we send out videos in sequence Wnesday Friday Monday and Tuesday. will receive the first video immiately follow by all others in sequence. For example on Saturday who will receive the first video immiately Wnesday and Friday follow by the rest.

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See the video below for details

So you’re constantly in touch with those ASB Directory who sign up earlier. People who sign up later will see previous activity. By the way that link has a free masterclass on how to design a simple yet effective funnel. A total of four similar letters ne to be creat to confirm the subscription. They differ only in which videos are already open and which are coming soon. Send three content emails to users who enter the automat funnel by Tuesday. In it we are constantly sending out new videos. These emails are sent on Friday video Monday video and Tuesday morning video and reminder that the workshop is held today.

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