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Good results in terms of price/quality ratio. Read the full case study. . Case’s insights and failures are interesting to read in the style of “we came with a task we develop a strategy implement it and everything turn out.”are times when you make a bet on a hypothesis and it does not work creatively or an idea that suddenly works well for your audience которая казалась провальной In the process of working you see a part of your target audience that you haven’t reach before and interacting with this part of people is a good result.

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There is a glitch a joint that you have to deal Armenia WhatsApp Number List with once in a while  there will be no results. Let’s talk about it. perfect but how you deal with mistakes show your work and expertise more than stories about how you do everything perfectly. In the first case the reader has more confidence in you and in the second the reader will think that you are covering up and whitewashing something. . Work products Tell us the results you got Results are numbers subscriber price number of subscribers metric growth number of applications. Whether the outcome went according to plan or exce plan. If it was the second option how could more than plann happen What did you do well.

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Ad what could you do better If you continue to ASB Directory work on this project what do you plan to do next Example We have now increas our leads by – x and ruc costs by x due to emails and content. The target cost is rubles. Every day now that they stop advertising we don’t think about things like this because the sales department doesn’t have time to process leads. Then I plan to rebuild the funnel for better leads Goals – Subscriptions – Warm Up Hunting Ladder – Apply for Landing Pages with Quiz – Phone Calls – Sales. Read the case in full. How to make a case more interesting The structure above is.

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