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Later in this article. You can read more about the innovation in the blog. What is the shopping activity for This tool is ne in order to combine the advantages of search advertising and ad network advertising to make online store advertising easier and more efficient. How do I start a product marketing campaign This tool is currently available to a limit number of advertisers. event here. First you ne to create a product event to do this go to your .account click on the add event button and find the product event in the dropdown. By the way get a free database of over cases and articles about and locat here.

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Talks about the new aesthetic.  drivers ASB Directory factors for an overall change in the rules of consumption People’s demand for ethical business The end of the consumer age People seek security and comfort. The pandemic has creat an information epidemic with so much information that it becomes nearly impossible to separate lies from truth. Contradictions in technology – People are afraid of being enslav by robots and controll by artificial intelligence so they unconsciously gravitate towards unprocess real photos The trend is for businesses that care about the environment and nature People are group bas on life values. Trends in Visual Content Macro.

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