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Another way malicious individuals and sites get your personal info is through phone apps. It’s quite easy to accidentally give smartphone apps permission to collect and distribute your phone number to third parties. Privacy policies for apps dictate how your information is collected and shared, including your phone number, and 87% of people don’t read the policies they agree to. As a result, you may have accidentally given a smartphone application this permission.

If you think you’ve made this mistake, check the permissions you’ve enabled for each app on your phone. If you’ve given apps permission to collect and share your phone number, disable it immediately. Take a careful look at free games, in particular. They’re notorious for this.

Accessing your settings

If your phone number appears on a privately owned website or blog, you need to contact the site owner directly to get it removed. If you’re not sure who owns the site, conduct a Whois search to get Laos Phone Number Data contact details for the listed owner. Copy and paste the domain name of the website into the search box. Scroll down the page to the “Tech Contact” section. The contact information there will tell you who you can reach out to. Email the contact and request that your information be removed from the website.

Unfortunately, most sites have no obligation to remove your data. You might have a better chance if you’re a California resident, protected by the California Consumer Privacy Act. which dictates additional rights to control the use of your own data. The E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation  similarly protects individuals in Europe in the event of having their data exposed without their permission.

If you do have to send a site owner

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An email to request they remove your information. Be sure to use a masked email to avoid exposing even more of your information. In most instances, Google won’t remove your personal information from search results. Instead leaving that up to ASB Directory the site owners. But, in certain circumstances, such as when your number is posted in a malicious way or in a manner that may harm you, Google will take action.

In these cases, Google can “delist” a site that hosts your number from its search listings. In fact, this just recently became easier to request. If Google does this. Your number will no longer appear when someone searches for it, though it can continue to appear elsewhere.

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