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Year or even longer the hottest audiences will burn out quickly and start to lose their effectiveness. Of course segmentation alone does not. It works with creating visuals writing text choosing creative but it’s the foundation upon which successful advertising campaigns are built. By the way take a look at this analysis of over creatives that show good results. Segmentation of the main characteristics of the target audience . Socio-demographic geography Familiarity with the product The professional interests of the target audience.

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The personal interests of the target audience VP IT Email Lists Groups To reach the promis + audience let’s look at each feature group in more detail Socio-demographics and easiest way to segment users. Signs include gender age family presence events in personal life birthdays wdings engagements. Segmentation of Target Audience in Target Advertising Why and How to Segment Your Target Audience Using segmentation for these functions alone already gives you several different groups you can use Geographical feature Who among us has not seen an advertisement for this series Do you live in St.

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Applying such a setting is as simple as ASB Directory possible it is creat by placing a point on the map. But there’s nothing stopping you from narrowing your ad radius and targeting areas neighborhoods neighborhoods. This is what happen to us. But to be honest the geographical points in the target can be subway station or train station residential area and shopping mall bank school university kindergarten business center museum hospital square theater. In short the places that city dwellers often see from their windows where they go to work come home live and relax. Segmentation of the Target.

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