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All content producers and companies seek the greatest reach of the texts they produce, right? After all, delivering quality information to a specific audience is the objective of this work. But, how can we further optimize this dynamic and increase range performance? Google is constantly looking to improve the user experience. To do this, it makes periodic updates to its algorithm to make searches increasingly more accurate. Thus, such updates aim to understand and meet users’ search intentions, making results more relevant and satisfactory. But, having a high page speed score is not enough. You need to know how the Google RankBrain algorithm works.

What is Google RankBrain and how does it work?

Simply excessively optimizing content no longer has any effect and, in some cases, can even harm results. The search engine optimization (SEO) landscape has evolved significantly since the beginning of the Internet. The strategies used by experts a few years ago have lost their relevance. Currently, the secret lies in artificial Australia Phone Number Data intelligence (AI) and Google’s RankBrain. Therefore, to boost brand exposure and increase reputation, it is essential to stay up to date with these changes. In this blog, we will show you effective strategies to improve your content’s relevance on Google and how to understand the algorithm, as well as how to reduce bounce rate by increasing user dwell time.

Increase your brand’s visibility

Google RankBrain is an artificial intelligence algorithm used to rank search engine results pages (SERPs). Before it, Google’s algorithm was coded manually by human engineers, but RankBrain brought a significant change by allowing AI to tune the algorithm autonomously thanks to machine learning. Thus, working independently, RankBrain ASB Directory analyzes the interaction of search engines with changes and, depending on the keyword, can increase or decrease the importance of factors such as backlinks , content update, content length and domain authority. By adapting to user preferences, RankBrain helps to optimize the ranking of pages in search results.

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