Including Your Phone Number on Your Website

Now, if you’re an ambivert like me, the ambiguity of this question may send your anxiety level through the ceiling, but for many people facing online transactions, it can be a comforting and welcome proposition.

It’s no secret that phones are used more for music, messaging, and Trivia Crack, than actually making voice calls these days, but what exactly does that mean for business owners? — especially those in tech industries?
Is including a phone number on your tech company’s website still worth the space, or does it cut into your conversions? Let’s take a look at both sides.

The Pro-Phone Argument

The greatest argument for including your phone number on your website is that it builds trust between your audience and your brand.

As Jonathan Kay of Grasshopper Virtual Phone Systems has said,

“People feel more comfortable with brands that they can put a face behind. Even though [a person] might purchase a product [or service] exclusively online, having a phone number…and the ability to talk to Greece Phone Number Data a real person…makes [them] feel more comfortable taking out [their] wallet (or recommending someone else to). Even if not used, making your phone number available brings the personal touch of traditional retail stores and business negotiations to what can often feel like an intangible and insecure digital experience.

It helps humanize your brand, reassuring people that they are working with other human beings.

This comfort ultimately helps ease many of the qualms people have and in turn, makes them more willing to convert.

Pro Who Got It Right

Phone Number List

One tech company with its feet firmly planted in the pro-phone party is Litmus.

With their phone number (and email address) readily available in their website footer, the email testing and analytics platform makes it easy for customers to get in touch if they have product questions, or are in ASB Directory need of technical support or customer service. Litmus also does a skillful job with its placement of this information. By including the number in their footer, it is visible and easy to read, but only really noticeable to those actively looking for it.

This placement is subtle and most importantly, it doesn’t interrupt or confuse the already established conversion path on the page.

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