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What a text image ad of a product might look like a text image ad of a product might look like contains a database of several cases and articles link at . How to get start You can learn more about this ad format in the official help.upload them in your ad account in order to start using text and image ads with the product plugin you will ne to In your ad account you will ne to add preload to launch or new campaigns with text and image ads. Next you ne to win the auction for the number one premium impression. Elsewhere product additions are not display. if you don’t  you ne to create.

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Fes can be creat in two ways using a plugin Canada Phone Number List and manually. in the official help. Multiple case studies and a selection of master classes. Choose your gift. The most important thing to choose is that the fe contain pictures and prices. Also you can use the entire fe to form add-ons or use filters to select individual products. It is recommend not to have more than one product in one filter. Next you ne to add . To add a fe click the Libraries tab on the left menu and select Fes. Product add-ons in are now available for text and image ads. 

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Picture Next on the page that opens ASB Directory click Add Source fill out the form fields and choose to add a source by linking to a file or uploading a file. Click Save. can now be add to the campaign. Product add-ons in are now available for text and image ads. How much is the picture Clicking on a link in a product add-on costs the same as clicking on any element in the ad. At the same time if the user changes multiple cards the payment will be duct with one click. In statistics such conversions will appear as clicks on convert titles and links. Author Julia Tverdoch Loeb In the online course Traffic Manager we systematically describe how to set up advertise and work in the traffic market under new conditions Enroll.

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