How to Run an Ad Campaign

Itself chooses a bid to help ensure the optimal number of impressions for the given budget. Applies to ads in newsfes and ads in stories. helps to attract visitors to the website increase the conversion rate of subscriptions and mailings and generate leads. The system learns bas on how the audience reacts to the advertisement. Suitable for formats with links buttons product cards in the fe. Even for targeting beginners a smart strategy can go a long way in achieving good ad performance.

The goal of maximum conversion rate

Write ad text that matches your target Bulk SMS UAE audience The success of your entire advertising campaign depends on it.  of promotional posts – SMS should be sent to the holidays on the eve of the launch; – A clear call to action is requir; – Ads must be bright and grab the attention of the target audience;  a lot of ads land on users your ad should stand out; — Test creatives in advance before launch to choose the best option. Before the Holidays | Targeting . If you plan to present different categories and product lines to your audience use an ad rotation This format allows up to images. Users start flipping through the images get very engag and they start becoming more interest in the product.

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Here are some tips for the content

As a result traffic to the website has increas. How ASB Directory to Run an Ad Campaign Before the Holidays | Targeting . Try the relatively new format of stories which are view . billion times a month according to one count. Stories solve a variety of problems increase brand awareness stimulate conversions. Larger businesses will get additional coverage aim at a broad audience. SMBs on the other hand can use stories to tell themselves broadly and vividly to users who are geographically closer. Geotargeting in Stories It.

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