Here are some of the problems we have

take the first step. Then we should track for more intermediary steps like a newsletter sign-up, an download, or a coupon code sign up. Here’s what conversions look like in different stages of the sales funnel: Source: So Macro conversions bring in the big bucks for your business, while micro conversions are minor actions that push the customer further down the sales funnel. CHALLENGES FACED BY US The problem with our website is that the number of calls we received could have been more satisfactory even though our website was supposed to be at the front and center of our marketing.

Way of making Here are some  data driven decision

Our Site was vast but was not fast enough. The site needed to be fast. Here is one marketing stat that tells why. On average Israel WhatsApp Number Data  a webmaster has just  milliseconds to have a first impression on a visitor. You might have heard .  The first impression is the last impression.  Well that s why one needs a really fast website. Conversions on the Website CTAs on different pages were quite low. Most of our design decisions were arbitrary, and there needed to be a  regarding website design. HOW WE OVERCAME THE PROBLEM WE FINALLY DECIDED TO IMPROVE OUR WEBSITE.

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As a marketing agency  we often determined that improving the website should be our top priority as it will drive more Brazil WhatsApp Number List business and sales. However  when some progress was made. Immediately halted  work took precedence. I am not saying to ignore your client  work  I am simply saying that indecision and indecisiveness have hindered the growth of countless businesses. Don  make yourself count as one of them. CLEARLY UNDERSTANDING WHAT OUR TARGET BUYER LOOKED LIKE. The main challenge we had was that we didn’t know who our target buyer was.

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