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They wrote me something in the telegram and then I wrote again and then I really want to pour some tea and then no I even wrote crap and then I would add it. That’s it two hours of work for three paragraphs that no one sees in the final version. Now when I sit down to write a draft the whole house resounds with the clatter of keyboards. I pour all my silliest ideas into it with short breaks in between to walk around the room and recover.  a draft don’t get distract don’t it the text and don’t break the writing process into two or three days. and replace comparisons that haven’t been invent yet.

This is very important When writing

Splitting drafts results in a loss of text dynamics which negatively impacts the quality and perception of the text. Like I write cheerfully now so the SMS Gateway Estonia rhythm of the text is dynamic and there are even some hilarious moments and an hour later I will go to social networks to see the next real digitalist fool and fly into a rage which will negatively affect the once cheerful text. We wrote a draft forgot about the creation and came back a day later with a ild fantasies. We remove dry jokes obscenities add examples and squeeze the water out and I handle that terribly. Focus on the dynamics of the text forget about itors and consultants and you.

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Make mistakes swear write bad jokes

Can write a great symphony about a spring ASB Directory thunderstorm while I’m still snoring at the third minute. Or vice versa speakers might sound out of place Veronica Chica Chica Chica Chica and I betraying Clapton and Dylan would jerk to the beat. And you. Because dynamics beats beats matter. The same goes for text. Whatever rhythm you set readers will scan the text at this rhythm. If the pacing is dynamic the reader absorbs the text quickly and says I’ve read it all in one sitting. If the rhythm is calm the reader is swimming in moderation. On the other hand anyone know how to ruin any song even.

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