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Following questions What did you do yesterday What are we going to do today What are the obstacles to completing the task Mistakes made at the beginning In theory you shouldn’t meet for more than a few minutes a day. At first we were fac to discuss the tasks. After a few sprints when we got us to it and built the flow the issue return to normal and we were on the phone for no more than a minute. In order to resolve project-relat issues individual phone calls are requir. We solv these problems at the party.

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A sprint review allows you towork to your Bulk SMS Vietnam client client A sprint review allows you to present the results of your sprint’s work to your client client The sprint review is ne in order to show the client the results of the week’s work. It’s a small written report for a week with key metrics or a short phone call. In another article we discuss how to write a report on target advertising. Through this action we show the client the transparency of the work which makes building a relationship of trust and lays the foundation for his long-term cooperation. of target advertising or engagement.

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With influencers ne to be address throughout ASB Directory the month. So clients see results every week. Sprint Review After presenting the results to the client the team call to discuss some issues. What is going well and what is not going so well Where can we do better How can we improve immiately In order not to waste the team’s time on countless conference calls we decid to combine the sprint review and next conference call planning into one conference call. This not only allows for a quick summary of the results.

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