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Special programming service. Graphic services; Include: Designing business identities and logos. Designing advertising banners and infographics. Corporate publications design. Website hosting service. Features of the website from Al Nour Online What is WordPress? It is one of the simple means by which people can create was designed specifically help people their own website, WordPress is a program or “script” through which websites are designed by linking the site to a WordPress was designe specific hosting Through it, the user can control a number of interfaces and control panels that facilitate the process of managing and organizing the site.  was designed specifically to help people manage their content, as

One of the most important features of a WordPress

The percentage of websites designed using WordPress around the world has reached more than 35%. Al-Noor Online Company presents to you the features of the WordPress website and the advantages that you can benefit from by designing a WordPress website from Al-Noor Online. WordPress website features Simplicity The WordPress website is Cameroon WhatsApp Number List characterized by simplicity and speed of response, as the website owner can easily identify it even if he is a beginner, and it does not cost him a lot of time, effort, or even money. of a WordPress website is that it does not require knowledge of any programming languages. WordPress provides all the capabilities that a website owner needs, with special control panels that facilitate the content management process And organizing the website without the need for specific programming languages, which makes it the preferred tool for many people who want to design websites.

Open source method

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One of the most important features of that it is an open source tool. The meaning of open source is that it is a free tool that anyone can use. It is also China Telegram Number possible to seek help from a programming company. To modify it and add many other features and additions. Which is what we are working on Al-Noor Online Company provides the software add-ons your site needs. Free plugins and templates The ability to add many “Plugins” i.e. add-ons, And free templates that suit the site’s field, whether it is commercial, tourism, cultural, personal, or an employment or training site.

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