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A mobile app we recommend starting with million reach; mia campaign – million reach. If you have a smaller budget and less reach you can lower the cutoff to . After a period of successful testing gradually increase the coverage.  are updat every four days provid segments creat bas on lookalike audiences are us for proactive advertising campaigns. Users from the original sample are not includ in the list which only reaches new audiences. How to create a – bas ad campaign To target a campaign to system-select users in the.

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Segments section select Segment bas on CFO Email List lookalike.  a similar campaign hasn’t already been creat. Select all the settings you want and click Create Campaign. The event will be sent for review. At the same time the system will collect data to build similar products – so you can save time. Once the ad is review and similar ads are creat the campaign will automatically start. More than examples and a selection of master classes. Choose your gift. Parser  How to Show Ads to Visitors at Your Competitor’s Offline Contact Traffic March   Let’s talk about parsers and promotion to the veterinary clinic. You can show your ad to people who have.

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Visit a competitor’s offline location. will ASB Directory not appear in social networks! How can this be Parser will help us with this task. The details are as follows. Imagine your business is a network of veterinary clinics in Abakan. To show your ad to everyone who comes to your competitor’s clinic you ne to download parsers. Ok the parser is install on ours. Further . Now click on Create Base . Select the city we are interest in in our case Abakan . Click Continue Case Promote Veterinary Clinic  Resolver . We select the organization we are interest in In.

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