Performance: Native applications have fast and high performance compared to other applications. Notifications: Because the program is loaded into the device, there is the possibility of notifying the user of developments and procedures when he connects to the network, and many times there are notifications that do not require a connection to the web. User interface: These applications provide an interactive user interface that is consistent with the device being used in terms of characteristics and dimensions. Network connection: Whether the device is connected to the Internet or not, these applications can be used.

Although some services may not be available offline

Such as social networking applications and group games, as they require access to the Internet. Disadvantages of native applications : Expensive: Since each platform or operating device requires a native version of the application, the software design and development department is forced to appoint specialized programmers for each system, whichincreases time and cost. Maintenance and monitoring of these applications is Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List also high compared to other applications. Frequent updates: These applications must be updated periodically to address any problems or defects facing the user, in addition to keeping pace with developments in technology. As mentioned, these procedures require specialized teams for each operating system. The user also has to consume the internet package to download updates. Space: These applications are downloaded to the device and remain there, which means that they consume space in memory. As applications increase, the free space decreases and the device’s performance decreases.


The internet package to download updates

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The difference between native applications and Ethiopia Telegram Number web applications.   programmed to be compatible with the target operating system. Such as Android and iOS applications, and are downloaded onto the device to be fixed there. As for  web  applications. They are programs that can only be accessed via the Internet using a browser and cannot be downloaded. They are usually written in HTML and CSS with other specialized programming languages ​​for websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Let’s move on to the differences: User interface: The user interface in native applications is prepared specifically for the system, while web applications have a unified general user interface for all devices.