An increase in the regional popularity

Indicator indicates an increase in interest in the topic among residents. Statistics by device type You can find out which devices are  most often to enter requests. Thus, you can determine which version of the site is more profitable, and which audience to target when setting up advertising. In order to find out which devices are  more often, you ne to check different tabs and compare the frequency. Request History Here you can track changes in the interests of the audience over time. This may be n for a seasonal business, as well as a  advertising budget.  on statistics, you can calculate marketing moves.

Using operators in When a query

Consists of two or more words, the Wordstat UK Business Fax List service displays general impression information on these words. That is, for the phrase “furniture repair” you will see all queries that contain these words: “wooden furniture repair”, “do-it-yourself furniture repair”, “children’s furniture repair” and so on. Using operators in Using operators in In this regard, when you precise semantics for search engine optimization or contextual advertising, it is better to use operators. Operators help specify user requests on the network and show only those that meet the requirements in.

Fax Lists

Operator quotes If you enclose the query

In quotation marks, you will get statistics ASB Directory for the s words only, but their order and endings are not taken into account. For you a gift! Available up to 03.09 Download the TOP 10 neural networks that will help make your work easier To receive the file, enter your for example, Confirm that you are not a robot by entering a phone number: +7 912 345-67-89 Download selection for free I agree to the processing of personal data Operator + (plus) Prepositions and stop words are by default. If you put a plus sign in front of them, they will definitely the query.

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