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An ad then within – days you’re fuck with ads relat to competing ads. During this time the social network tries to understand your behavior and begins to decide on selection questions. There is a term call computer vision. This means that it is important for the neural network to understand exactly what is display on the banner. user it tries to find offers that are as similar to the source as possible. Even color schemes and composition are consider. How can I improve the effectiveness of my ad Today Ad has a cutting-ge inventory call Systems design to ensure that the platform provides the right product to the user who nes it. Advanc technologies are on the verge of personalization and optimization.

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A database of over cases and articles about and locat can also be download here. Now it is even more convenient to work  create a set of creatives and allow the platform to combine colors texts and formats.  Independent selection of display content and Bulk SMS Jordan objects. The role of the target scientist is to train the algorithm. Of course in this way it is better to give the system a well-thought-out place. Therefore the absence of restrictions is better than the presence of restrictions. The most correct choice for interaction is to set conscious limits. Facebook Audience  Today  is a global platform with an audience of . billion monthly.

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Among them the number of Russian monthly ASB Directory active users is . million Russia has its own characteristics it is an independent country. between and  its audience fell from million to million. So if you start targeting a certain region of the Russian Feration chances are that all your ads will be plac in . Read the Targeting Scholar’s Checklist Targeting Scientists and Marketers Competencies for Working in International Markets Beginners often think about which approach to work with and how to reach the heights of professional excellence Season.

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