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Update to the product add-on. dynamic ads but also with text and image ads. Learn more about what the product add-on looks like who can connect how to get start and how much it costs later in this article. Articles in the official blog. What does it look like and who can connect Advertisers who own or are able to create them online stores etc. can use this type of text and image ads. Additionally the online store must have at least four active products relevant to the search query. For example if you’re promoting women’s bikes you.

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Must have at least four women’s bikes on Slovakia B2B List your site.  image ad of a product might look like Add an example of what a text image ad of a product might look like A database of several cases and articles link at . How to get start  ad format in the official help. If you already have and have upload them in your ad account in order to start using text and image ads with the product plugin you will ne to In your ad account you will ne to add preload to launch or new campaigns with text and image ads.

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Next you ne to win the auction for the number one premium impression. Elsewhere product additions are not display. If you don’t have one you ne to create one. Fes can be creat in two ways using a plugin and manually. You can read more about creation in the official help. Multiple case studies and a selection of master classes. Choose your gift. The most important thing to choose is that the fe contain pictures and prices. Also you can use the entire fe to ASB Directory form add-ons or use filters to select individual products. It is recommend not to have more than one product in one filter. Next you ne to add.

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