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Your sales are high you can’t have a Q&A exchange. So you don’t receive information from the client you don’t know his nes and how to attract him. It is best to ask clarifying questions before answering. A sales script template might look like this  right now. By the way we have a variety of tariffs can I ask you a few questions in order to give you the best tariff for you . Not identifying a ne Without this you lose customers as the example shows. But you can say There is no size but there is another dress in stock. Are you looking for something specific.

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General Introduction Sales Script in Manager  In response to the request the manager sends a huge text message with all the options for the product or service. Or send customers to a site that details interaction options. write to us to help us Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List choose. We provide them with descriptions of the options and let them make their own choices. This works especially poorly if you have a complex service that customers know little about such as if you have target ads set up. He doesn’t know what he nes and he can’t choose from the many options you offer him Not dealing with objections Sometimes an objection.

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May not sound like I’ll think about it but ASB Directory rather like thank you. You send the customer a description of. The service and the cost and hear a thank you or I’ll think about it reply. There are options behind this He is concern and wants to end the conversation Not enough information to make a decision Inde you ne time to think or clarify a competitor’s offer. Our mission is to understand what options our customers have. And dispute it provide.

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