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It’s no surprise that this brand’s Contact Us page balances both form and function flawlessly. As an avid coffee drinker, I can deeply relate to this particular header. Aside from that, this is a friendly and inviting message that gets right to the point for the visitor. It shows where the company is located on one side of the page, as well as how you can contact them on the other side of the page.

On this simple, but helpful Contact Us page, JetBlue provides a short-list of hyperlinks to help the user navigate the page. The number of options isn’t overwhelming, but there are enough of them to pinpoint exactly what the visitor might be looking for.

Contact Us header example

The header creates a sense of urgency for the visitor. This is nice because people visiting this page are likely looking for answers quickly — especially if they’re troubleshooting an issue right before a flight. it asks for only the information that is necessary (email address) and it displays a video that explains exactly how contacting the  IMPACT team works. This is a helpful experience for the Cambodia Phone Number Data user especially if they are expecting a quick response.
If you’re looking for a sales-oriented approach, you can use this one from IMPACT’s Contact Us page. It gets the sales process moving right away by encouraging users to enter their email addresses to learn more about the company and its offers.

This Contact Us page does two things well

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Contact Us page places the header front and center for the user. It’s welcoming and accounts for all types of support inquiries including both customer support and marketing partnerships. Visitors who land on ASB Directory Unbounce’s Contact Us page don’t have to sift through loads of information to find what they need. By choosing from just four options, they’re likely to find the team they need to get in touch with quickly.

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