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Tone down photos in your account

Colors and paints cheap glitter and pretentiousness have no place in the world of luxury. Beauty is in simplicity. Choose simple classic. natural silk or fur not synthetics with sparkles. At first glance the user should understand that he is in an expensive online boutique. The visuals of the photo jewelry realm account are bas on high-quality photos. No stock images – only unique photos are us. Ditch the idea of ​​catalog photos on a white background. Close-up shots of jewelry jewelry sets jewelry items work best.

If you’re shooting with fabric use

It is important for people to know what Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List earrings but it is not always clear what the actual size of these items is. Therefore photos of products are often shot on models. Choose a mannequin for your shot who looks like your target audience. Jewelry for the young and daring and jewelry for the mature and establish lady are two different market segments. Content for promoting jewelry stores brands jewelry products products on the Internet and on | Cases ideas and post topics Pay close attention to details in photos.

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Or necklaces look like on a person

Keep in mind that at the high end ASB Directory potential clients might be put off by a model’s inappropriate manicure or careless haircut. The picture must remain perfect even at multiple magnifications. Rule The more expensive the jewelry the more professional the photo should be.  with video. Take pictures of large jewels and show them from different angles to show how the gemstones sparkle. The video helps users review the product in detail perfectly warming up potential buyers. Content that promotes jewelry brands The basis for content in the jewelry field will be warm-up and sales posts. You can try to involve subscribers in the communication but from experience they are slow to.

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