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The second version PRO has no restrictions. Key Collector Also a good and convenient program in order to optimize the site. With the help of Key Collector you will quickly collect search queries from Yandex and get information about their effectiveness and price. There are criteria for evaluating key phrases in the program it is possible to conduct an examination for the compliance of the site with the santics of the keys. There is a free version.

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Slovoeb but it seriously limits both the functionality Spain Business Fax List and the spe of collecting keywords. Key Collector Key Collector The most popular and effective mechanisms for identifying statistics of the top positions of Yandex queries are the Wordstat and Serpstat services. The advantage of the first one is that it is free of charge in addition you can get a lot of information. The disadvantages are that data collection and analysis must be done manually.

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Time it is better to turn to Serpstat. It has ASB Directory rich functionality and has the ability to rely on certain queries when collecting and analyzing data. Of course there are also disadvantages for example a limit list of regions open for search. Filters operators auxiliary software all this will help a novice analyst optimizer or targetologist in his work. Businessmen can use the receiv information to develop their company and to manage the work of contractors.

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