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This is the time to design an online store

The purchase button should be prominent with a bright color like red, which overflows with feelings of excitement and emotion, which are among the driving factors behind spending, as studies show that creating a red button can drive sales by a whopping 34%. For your credibility, we professionally incorporate the color blue into your web design because it increases feelings of trust, making it a starting point in the business world.

If you want people to buy your product

Use high-quality images One of the rules for designing an online store is that images increase your sales. By 40%, but high-quality images may affect the speed of the site. In contrast, no one will buy a product from you that they have not seen. If you want people to Benin WhatsApp Number List buy your products. You must Explain to them what they are buying through images of high-quality products in an online store that is not affected by high-quality images, exactly like the one we design for you at Al Nour Online.

Do your store a favor

Benin WhatsApp Number List

Get a lot of high-quality photos of everything you sell, with an integrated design that will inspire your customers, increase your sales, and give your store a qualitative leap. Have them rate the products When designing an online store, look for ways to show customer comments about the products to potential customers. Especially the positive comments Canada Telegram Number you received from your current customers, and the Al Noor Online team will help you with that by adding a reviews section where people can rate your products and then get the largest possible number of 5-star reviews. Whenever online store visitors see that other people have a positive experience while shopping on your store, whether through reviews or comments, the products will appear trustworthy and sales will inevitably increase.

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