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It provides intellectual stimulation and social connection , both of which are very positively complementary. Making ice cream has a much higher potential for positive replenishment than simply eating ice cream because it involves many possible types and sources of positive replenishment . It also tends to create new ideas and activities . The more you invest in it, the more you create a strong circle of positive reinforcement. So, when you’re thinking about the passion potential of what you’re doing, ask yourself: How does your passion? QUESTION no. 2: Does this activity help me clarify and refine my own values? Another characteristic of Vallerand’s passionate activity is personal significance.

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This means thinking about actions in terms of how they relate to our values . When we’re looking for an activity with high passion potential, we naturally don’t phone number list want to choose something that conflicts with our values. If you are passionate about animal rights , game hunting is probably not a good choice for you. But the more important idea here is that, in addition to avoiding activities that conflict with values, we seek out us clarify and refine them. Assuming that environmental awareness and appreciation of nature are close to your heart, and you enjoy hiking and occasionally volunteering innature parks.

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What if you starte a newsletter and put together hikes ASB Directory and outdoor volunteer activities instead of hiking as a side project? Not only will you be participating in an activity that supports and does not conflict with your own values, but doing research and sharing experiences and ideas relate to hiking and environmental awareness can help you learn more about the topic by encountering other people’s insights, methods etc.

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