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Wordstat In this regard when you need precise semantics for search engine optimization or contextual advertising it is better to use operators. Operators help specify user requests on the network and show only those that meet the requirements inWordstat. Operator quotes If you enclose the query in quotation marks you will get statistics for the specified words only but their order and endings are not taken into account. For you a gift Available up to .

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Networks that will help make your work easier To receive the file enter your email Email for example Confirm that you are not a robot by entering a France Business Fax List phone number Download selection for free I agree to the processing of personal data Operator plus Prepositions and stop words are ignored by default. If you put a plus sign in front of them they will definitely be included in the query. Google Analytics connection and work.

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Connection and work More Operator minus ASB Directory Before the words you need to put a minus if you want to exclude them from the statistics. You can mark with a minus one or several words that clearly do not meet the needs of the potential audience. Operator Exclamation point It is used when it is necessary to fix a certain variant of the ending or form of a word.  operator square brackets Square brackets fix the query words in the correct order.


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