Ukraine the video with which Parnassus welcomes the 365 New Days

“Ukraine” is a vitalistic vision that Ukraine the video invites us to see the world from the optimistic perspective of a couple of young Ukrainians who, standing on a gigantic iron structure,

are shown as a living sculptural visual metaphor of the triumph of love over barbarism, allegorically emulating the sculpture also shown in the video of the Slavic goddess Berehynia , which crowns the victory column of the Independence Monument located on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Kiev.

Good morning life for Ukraine the video

Dean Martin sets the rhythm to a Fax Lists succession of shots with different cloudy skies with different shades of colors: blue and yellow in reference to the Ukrainian flag; gray reflects uncertainty and the current gloomy moment; red in reference to the blood of the fallen; and the rain as a staging for the tears shed.

Fax Lists

Happiness is life freedom love and living each Ukraine the video new day as a gift

Ukraine is a new creative work with ASB Directory which Parnassus demands the end of the atrocious Russian attack on the Ukrainian people. “A sovereign and free country that is suffering the unreason of a man with pretensions of eternal glory.

José Arribas, executive director and chief creative officer of Parnaso, has declared. «It seemed fair and necessary to us to carry out a new creative exercise that would shed light on Ukraine in an optimistic and positive way.

On a date when society in general is experiencing a happy moment such as the turn of the year. For the video we have used the creative concept that we have been working on in Parnasofor years to wish a Happy New Day instead of a new year.

 Because of the conceptual power of the possibility of being able to start over with each new day. Arribas has qualified