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Even if you put great graphics on it with a button that encourages action! The home page is full of various information, also completely unrelated to the given campaign, contains redirects to other parts of the website, blog section, etc. Therefore, it is very possible that something will distract the user and he will not perform the action you expect from him. For what purpose are landing pages created? You already know that an effective landing page should achieve a specific goal. Which one specifically? Generating sales leads The purpose of creating a landing page is very often to obtain sales leads, contact details for users, your potential customers. LP typically converts visitors into leads faster and more effectively than other marketing tools.

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A well-designed, effective landing page translates into high ROI (more on ROI can be found in this post ssempaiblogtym jest wskaznik roi iw jaki sposob go obliczyc. How does lead generation via a landing page look like? The user leaves the contact nformation for himself by entering his e-mail address andor telephone number in the form. At database the same time, he agrees to receive information from you – which is extremely important in the context of the provisions of the GDPR. Thanks to this, you will be in touch with the recipient even after he leaves the website.


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Obtaining his e-mail address gives you a lot of possibilities. First of all, you can schedule the sending of a newsletter or special, individual offers. What can you do to effectively collect leads through a landing page? It will surely help you. lead magnet – lead magnet. This is a typical “something for something” transaction. you his e-mail address, tempt him with a free e-book, guide, webinar, test access to the platform, etc. Traffic generation A good landing page can also attract traffic and redirect it ASB Directory to the home page or another subpage.

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