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Targeting and lookalike audiences. Dynamic remarketing Let’s start with dynamic remarketing. Simply put what is a tool.  but did not purchase it. Now on   and other company resources potential buyers see a banner with that particular product. Advertisements are automatically generat bas on data about user interests. For example if a girl chooses r shoes for herself she will see ads with r shoes instead of green flip-flops or speckl sandals. Dynamic banners show high efficiency as it provides personaliz offers to users. How to set up dynamic remarketing contextual targeting and similar content in What niches and projects.

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Does the tool fit in- Online stores; – Real Board Members Email List estate industry; – Car dealerships; – Hotels tickets travel booking services; – Online cinema; Businesses with a variety of goods and services. The main advantages of dynamic remarketing are that the tool delivers a low CPA shows x higher than average CTR and has a good conversion rate. is if the user views the site from a computer he will still see the ad later when logging into the network with a smartphone. This is thanks to the extensive internal ecosystem where all user data is combin. See page for more free marketing and materials. Three ad formats can be us to run dynamic remarketing – multi-format – the broadest option with the most placements.

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Display of products and their prices rotat on ASB Directory external and internal networks; – Banner – only us in the desktop version. You have the right to change the background button colors and other features in the design. Use the following formats      ; option in terms of shopping. You can upload up to slides to your ad. In addition to where consumers view recommend products are load into the ad. Such announcements are being circulat in   and affiliate networks. The format is also cross-device. Experts recommend running all three ad formats at the same time if possible as they work more efficiently together. Для launching dynamic.

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