The presence of additional words

Having received a keyword statistics for requests for previous periods and gives a forecast of impressions that you can receive in the near future. Lets show the work ofWordstat on an example. Lets take requests for English lessons. A query option could be How to learn English from scratch. Enter this phrase in the search bar click Select. We get two columns of words. The left column shows all requests containing the specified phrase.

The form of the words may change.

The right column contains queries that are similar. To the one entered they are usually used for. Searching along with the original one. This will help in the China Business Fax List selection of .A dditional phrases for content content or service promotion. Additional features of Wordstat. Statistics by region It is needed to make a forecast.Of what demand will be in different cities.

Fax Lists

When you select the desired

area located under the search bar you will see how many times people in your area searched for similar information for this query. This can benefit a local ASB Directory business such as a. Coffee shop or barbershop. Statistics will help you choose the most profitable queries. When you need to choose the .Region in which it is best to open a business branch or launch an advertising campaign you can view statistics for all regions.


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