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The differences between the RAD model

The first of these stages is commercial design, in which the flow. Distribution of information is designed to carry out a complete commercial analysis to know the basic information, how to obtain it, and how to trade it. Data modeling in which information obtained from the business model is collected, analyzed and compared. Processor modeling is concerned with processing the outputs of the previous model, shaping and modeling them so that they achieve the desired goal. The software recycling stage is where the system is built according to the data obtained from the previous stages using tools that translate the processed data into an initial program. Application Development JAD is a model in which the buyer or customer participates. In the software design and development process through a group of training workshops. These workshops aim to achieve cooperation between designers and customers to reach.

To reach the testing stage

To reach the testing stage in which the feasibility of the initial program is tested and all previous stages are tested completely and separately from the model. Test results, evaluations and Cambodia Telegram Number Data proposals are recorded and the same previous processes are  repeated again until a final program is reached.  and other traditional models are that these models focus on obtaining data and information about the program from the client before starting the process of writing the code, so the client has to visualize and visualize what the requirements are, while the RAD model works to provide the client with continuous models. A preliminary approach through which he can form an idea of ​​his needs and give more effective suggestions.

Node model Joint

Cambodia Telegram Number Data

The final result faster and ensure customer satisfaction. As he fully participated in the process of building the program. Here the difference occurs when comparing this Ethiopia Telegram Number model with the previous one. In conclusion, As the customer here is one of the decision. Makers in building programs. While there his  role is limited to giving opinions about ready programs. Finally the spiral model, It is a waterfall model combined with the iterative method. Which is called a group of spirals starting from the basic spiral until the final spiral. It is used in companies for large, expensive, high-risk projects. When the client is not aware of his needs or if these needs are complex and require clarification and study.

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