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It is necessary to find information analyze it structure it and make a pleasant design. However easier since Microsoft releas Power BI. General description of Power BI General description of Power BI Intelligence syst. In other words it is a business intelligence platform. With it you can accumulate and structure information from multiple sources using it to create a single model. Visualize and combine into interactive reports. This allows you to make the analysis perform more donstrative.

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To certain indicators. You dont have to pay anything Chinese American Phone Number List to use Microsoft Power BI. The program can read and apply more than sources of information. The user has the option to set their own metrics that are applicable to the organization in which they work. In addition the application allows you to clean up the data or process it bringing all the plates to a single format. The most striking advantage of Power BI is the ability to create graphical reports with a pleasing appearance.

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Slices cards you can work with all this in ASB Directory the program. The files are stor in a special online cloud service Power BI Service. At the same time reports can be generat jointly with other users. Microsoft Power BI uses artificial intelligence to help you build machine learning models and analyze a variety of structur and unstructur information including pictures and text. Find out which IT professions are in the TOP with an income of month.


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