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Research has shown that if you study for 30 minutes every day at a normal pace for a year; At the end of the year, there will be no more than 33 books. Of course, 33 is too many, because most of us don’t have time to read books during the day. So it is better to get started early and get at least these 33 books. Just take care of your heart when drawing a card, because you may have a cardiac arrest when you see the amount of money that has been withdrawn from your account. Does that mean there is no way for us to read more books and pay less? We are with you from this moment and right now until the next 365 days and we want to read 1 book in summary for you every day.

Yes, you heard right! 365 books with different

topics that everyone with any job and position should have read. Speed ​​reading the book What are these books about? We have tried to increase the variety of topics and in addition, we Bahamas WhatsApp Number List have selected categories that are very important and necessary. Individual development Personal development skills help you grow. So do not underestimate them in any way. There are many books in this field that can help you. We have selected the best of them and by the end of this year, we will learn them all together. Financial Management The concern of many people in the world is to learn economic skills. Tips that increase our income and give us the courage to invest. It may seem strange to you, but economics and learning economic tips are very important. The collection of books that you will receive from us during this one .

Business The business books that we want to

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read together will help you learn business principles, methods of managing and leading an organization, marketing and sales, and dozens of other topics. Biographies of great people Canada WhatsApp Number List of the world The biggest gift they give us from books is the same topic of “transfer of experience”. Now it is better that these experiences are 100% real, and even better is to learn from the experiences of great and successful personalities. The long list above of our books will not be complete without a summary of the biographies of the elders. Communication and negotiation Finally, the topic that we have discussed in this collection is the art of negotiation and the ability to communicate between different people. This is not an easy task for most people! But believe me, it is not impossible and by learning a series of tips and techniques, you too will acquire this practical skill. Now we have a question for you! In your opinion, at the end of these 365 days, you will be the same person as before?! Fraud: Obviously not! Where in the world have you seen someone.

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