Netflix HBO Max and other streaming giants plan

After a decade of growth, the streaming giants could begin to cut their investment in new audiovisual content in 2023 . This is indicated by the forecasts of some industry experts who.

Although they do not deny slight growth, do foresee a slowdown in spending. Total spending on content from subscription streaming services, such as those offered by Disney+, Netflix , HBO Max and other platforms will continue to increase , but at a rate of 8% , instead of 25% in 2022.

Traditional television networks

According to the research group Phone Number List Ampere Analysis and Expansión , the global growth in spending on original content is expected to fall from 6% in 2022 to 2% in 2023 . 

This figure contrasts with total global spending 10 years ago, when the rise of streaming platforms was still taking its first steps. Then it went from 128,000 million dollars (121,000 million euros) to 243,000 million. Traditional television networks also face an unfavorable scenario. 

The decrease in audience and the high cost of production, added to the reduction in investment by advertisers, puts media groups in trouble. Additionally, those that combine traditional television with streaming, such as Disney, Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery, are expected to experience losses this coming year.

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Changes in the audiovisual industry

Thus, the year 2023 promises ASB Directory to be full of changes for the audiovisual industry, which were already brewing in 2022. Returning to streaming platforms.

Disney+ or Netflix have chosen to include advertising among their content to have economic support beyond the customer fees. Last October, Netflix already launched its new basic plan with ads that, in exchange for a cheaper than normal rate.

Includes 4 or 5 advertising pieces per hour and offers a smaller catalog with fewer options. On the other hand, subscriptions to these platforms have also increased slightly over the years. In the case of Netflix, for example, its fee has gone from costing €11.99 in 2015 to €17.99 per month today.