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In accessing advertising accounts the client does not have them. They found it on  but not on . An audit of the current advertising campaign reveal that it was set up inadvertently. All focus on Search and Business Requests and Information. The shortcomings have not been resolv. The work results of the previous expert in the last month conversions to this website conversions; the target price is more than one sales revenue times. How to optimize micro-converting ads images when money and conversions are low and results are desperate All audit data has been transferr to the studio owner. We call discuss and came to a mutual decision.

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There was no point in optimizing the Romania B2B List to build and launch a new one. This is what I do. The client immiately announc their business goals. because the business was new and there was nothing special to watch but she ask Increase the number of website visitors The client’s main pain is that the site has very few visitors. Therefore the main task of the first phase months is to attract the maximum amount of target traffic to the website and increase the number of conversions. See also the masterclass on this page for ideas on where to get ideas and how to come up with a simple yet effective funnel.

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Current campaign it was better

What was done Collect semantics select ASB Directory keywords consider the client’s budget thousand rubles analyz competitors’ advertisements and creat our own unique search and advertising links and configurations segment by visits select keyphrases. Divid into and. I didn’t intentionally use many keys because the budget for this search is limit to rubles. On a daily basis it is impossible to gather sufficient statistics for a large number of keys. For mid and high.

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